Food for thought

“Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”

This is one of the weight loss inspirational quotes I have come across in the recent past. I have recently embarked on a long journey. To lose weight.

This time is different from all the previous times I have tried it. True, I can’t be called fat, but I would love to become thinner than I am now and subsequently healthier. A few years back when I was a student, I weighed way less than I do now(around 125 pounds). Now that, for a 5 ft 6″ female is a dream weight to achieve. It is perhaps too skinny as well. 4 years and a lot of food later, I weighed 140 pounds. Then I went to India to get married and reached 150. That’s right, I PUT ON A WHOPPING 10 POUNDS IN A MONTH!!!

My clothes stopped fitting me. I grew conscious of all the fat and started wearing large clothes. My size has gone up from a 2 to an 8 in these 4 years. While I don’t want to go back to being a 2, I wouldn’t mind being a 4. That’s when I thought its high time to start getting into shape.

The next step was to find motivation. My husband is of no help in this regard. He keeps insisting I eat more and more. So I turned to technology. I downloaded an app called “MyFitnessPal” which helps you record the calories you consume in a day and the calories you lose to exercise. You can weigh yourself and input the weight into the app and it helps you set a target and advises on calorie consumption and spending. I input my 150 pounds and set a target of being 135 in 3 months.

I didn’t cut down a lot on my food intake, I just adjusted the times of eating and also started switching to healthier options. I also increased the intake of fresh fruits and salads a lot. I started going to the gym regularly. Two weeks into the app, one fine morning I made my way towards the weighing scale with a sense of foreboding. What if this hasn’t worked? I stood on the scale and could hardly believe my eyes. It read 144.6! My happiness knew no bounds. Who knew that making small changes to your lifestyle could make such a huge change! You don’t need to starve to lose weight 🙂

I am less anxious now. I know that if I keep this up I will reach my target well ahead of time. I already feel healthier due to all the gymming and eating healthier food. Since I keep my dinner really light I don’t suffer from heartburn or acidity anymore. I am able to wake up earlier than before and my work has also been affected in a good way.

Folks who want to lose weight / become healthier don’t despair! Persevere, and you will definitely win the prize!