Stuff’s been going on

Hi guys, sorry for my long absence. I have been super busy, with work and non-work stuff. My in laws got here a couple of months back. This is their first visit ever to the US. In fact to any country other than India. 

When they reached Newark airport, I was unable to receive them as I could not take a day off from work. I was expecting them to be severely jet-lagged and hoped they would rest till I get back from work. But they were so excited about coming here and seeing their son that they weren’t sleepy at all and started doing household chores immediately!

As this is their first visit, we have been taking them around. So far we have taken them to Niagara falls, all over New York City, Lake Placid and surrounding areas to see fall colors and Bushkill falls in Pennsylvania. This is their last weekend here. Sam and I are so going to miss them 😦

At first I wasn’t sure if I would get along with them. This is my first long stay with them. I expressed my apprehensions to my sister who assured me they will be nice as they’re the parents of the nicest person in the world! And sure enough, within the first couple of days itself I started feeling at ease to be around them. 

Amma and Appa are both extremely nice. They love their children (especially Sam, I suspect) more than anything else in the world. Amma is a really good cook, like all mothers are. Sam and I have been very busy devouring soft idlis, dosas, other different sweet and savory south indian foodstuffs that are hard to spell. Appa cuts vegetables, amma cooks, and appa does the dishes, does the laundry and cleans the house. They don’t let me or Sam do ANY work. We have become increasingly lazy and I have no idea how we’re going to get back to all the work when they leave 😦

That’s pretty much what’s been going on in the non-work section. Work stuff deserves another post! On a side note, both my sister and my sister-in-law are pregnant 😀 😀 More babies in the world!!! 😀