Dull grey Friday

Considering it is Friday today and I am writing this post at 2.30pm, its obviously been a dull day at work. I just moved to Secaucus two days back to a sparkling new never-inhabited-before apartment. It has a lot of perks, with free gym, free club room and media room that are filled with a couple of dozen gleaming brand-new iMacs. I am one of the first people to move into this wing, so when I visited the media room yesterday I was one of the only three people there.

Anyway, I digress. The move from Newport to Secaucus was meant to go a bit easy on the pocket and have more comforts. But that came with a price – a bitch of a commute to work. Now I have to take a shuttle to the train station, then the NJTransit train into New York City and then a 10 min walk to the subway.

Even so, I reached work at 9am, well before all my other colleagues started showing up. Also, I went without my morning coffee since there are no spoons in the house(!!) I went to Walmart to pick up necessary stuff yesterday but forgot spoons. This was my list –

1. Toilet paper
2. Shower liner
3. Wireless router
4. Vacuum cleaner
5. Couple of plates
6. Coffee & sugar
7. Mugs?

The ones in bold being most critical. All this I bring, but forget spoons!

At work, I am working on a web application meant to be on smart phones and tablets. The part I am right now is particularly boring and I have allotted myself a week to finish the task. And who starts working on the first day of the week when you have 6 long days ahead? Not me. I am the struggling-to-finish-with-work-at-the-last-minute kinda gal.

All in all these events have resulted in the creation of a blog and writing of not 1 but 2 blog posts (the introduction one does count!) I can’t wait for the day to get over and head to my brand new sparkling apartment with spoons (gonna pick em up on my way home)! Till next time!