Doing nothing

I feel like I have started posting only after weekends. But that is because my weekdays are really dull and all the happening(?) stuff seems to happen only on the weekend!! Anyway me and Sammy took Monday off, so we had a long weekend.

Well, so Saturday was spent putting together furniture, arranging clothes in our closets, books on the bookshelf etc. Made a trip to Rasoi for the weekend special brunch and had lip smacking chhole bhature, pav bhaji, idlis, dosas, pani puris, etc from an unlimited buffet. Sammy fell asleep on the drive back home so the onus of keeping myself awake while I drove back home fell solely on me… Not fun!

Sunday was more fun. Went to Bushkill falls in Pennsylvania. The falls were breathtaking! The hike to and from the falls was around 6 miles total so by the time we were back we were famished. Had a strong coffee after that and settled down for a hearty picnic lunch in one of the adjacent picnic spots. We had carried mutter paneer, roti, dal and rice with us which really helped as there wasn’t much vegetarian food around.

After we were done, we decided to make our way back home. On our way back, Sammy suggested we take a detour to the lake Hopatcong, an hour away from home. So we did, and the white sand of the beach and the pristine blue waters of the lake lured us to make the trip more than just a detour. So off we went! The water temperature was just right for the warm summer day, and we had a refreshing swim for about an hour. Headed back home, cooked dinner, had dinner, watched some crap on tv and fell asleep instantly.

The first thought that hit me on waking up was that I need to take the day off. My limbs and neck were sore from Sunday’s hike and I decided it wasn’t worth the pain to lug my tired ass to work. Sammy felt the same and we both took the day off. Did nothing, lazed around, watched tv, got the dishwasher fixed, did more of nothing, watered the plants, cooked lunch, had a long nap, cooked dinner, went for a walk, watched a crappy hindi movie (Ek Tha Tiger) and went to sleep. The awesome feeling on doing absolutely nothing is incomparable! Highly recommended!