The married life

I have lost count of the people who have asked me how my married life is. The answer is, it’s the same as before. Well, almost. Me and the husband had been living together for more than 2 years before we got married. We already had many unspoken agreements on how stuff needs to be done and who does what and when, without having a firm schedule. Whatever needs to be done is done by whoever has the time and inclination at that point in time.

There have been a few changes with respect to the extended family though. Prior to the wedding, they used to refrain from talking to me on the phone too much, as they weren’t thrilled with the idea of their son/brother/brother-in-law getting married to a non Tam-brahm. Also, since they didn’t know we were living together, they didn’t really have a way to talk to me much. After the wedding, all that has changed. The in-laws want to talk to me every single day. They want me to call them on Skype and sit in front of the webcam for a couple of hours every couple of days.

Initially I was basking in all the attention I was getting. But now its kind of getting to me :-/ I am not a phone person. People who know me know that very well. I don’t call people, I don’t answer calls or respond to voicemail. Text me and I will get back to you within the next 10 seconds. But if you call me, I will respond in as timely a manner as AT&T would (which means never, for people who have had the good fortune of never needing to interact with them)

All that is minor stuff. Compared to the in-laws I have heard and read about my in laws are awesome. They tell me everyday to not do a lot of work and remind Sam everyday that he needs to do as much or more work than I do. They take as much interest in my job and the work I do as that of Sam. My FIL in fact is waiting for my app to hit the app store so he can download it 🙂 He has already downloaded all the apps I have worked on so far and keeps showing them to visitors. When we were in India, he spent an hour demonstrating some of my app’s features to the next door neighbour who doesn’t even carry a dumb phone. Needless to say, they have stopped visiting now 😐

My MIL has always been overprotective of her son. Now that same overprotectiveness has extended to me. She keeps giving us tips to make ourselves healthier. Some of them make sense, others are outright hilarious. I know she means well, so I just nod along. Here are some of them –

1. Sam should NEVER eat oatmeal or anything with oats. It causes impotence.

2. Do not eat pizza. It is made out of pigs.

3. Put at least a tablespoon of coconut in everything you cook (including atta for rotis). Your kids will be very fair.

4. Neither Sam nor I should ever go to the gym. Or go on a healthy diet. (don’t know the reason for this one.)

5. Not to drink any coffee except Udhayam filter coffee. The others have some amounts of alcohol in them.

and so on. Both Sam and I hear these gems of advice and obviously don’t heed any of them (except the pizza one, as Sam has cholesterol)

They are visiting us this September, so I think I will have many more to add to this list by the end of their stay. Stay tuned 😀


4 thoughts on “The married life

  1. she is totally right about the pigs in pizza. Many people I know declared that the only real pizza is the pepperoni one. And you know what that contains 😛

  2. Oatmeal? And about the kids being fair, I’m sorry but that kind of really makes me laugh. One of my friends here was told not to eat apples because they turn black in the tummy or something atrocious like that, resulting in the kid turning dark!
    Like it matters, really.

    And about how married life is, I say the same – it is just the same. We live together now but nothing much has changed anyways. Maybe for the washing machine, yes.

    • yeah oatmeal! its probably the healthiest food I eat 😛

      About the fairness obsession, I know right? I’d much rather eat something that makes my kid less mischievous. Too bad there’s nothing like that in existence 😦

  3. First 2 paras sounds like exactly like my story.

    My MIL is crazy about coffee and recently I was telling my hubby that we should give her wine, because I feel wine is better than coffee 🙂

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