Catch up

It’s been a while since I visited this space. A LOT has been going on. 

The wedding prep is in full swing, with less than a month to go. I have been pampering myself. Got deep conditioning hair treatment done, which was so blissfully relaxing. Got a facial and microdermabrasion done just because I had a coupon. The woman couldn’t see any acne marks on my face so seemed a bit confused but did it nevertheless. Not that I noticed any change after the facial.

The big news is, I quit my job. Finally. I have had another offer since 6 months now. Due to all the H1B formalities it took this long a time. I will be joining the new job in March when I get back from my wedding. The present company expressed deep sorrow in having to let me go. They’re going to let me hold on to the stock options though, which is awesome!

I will be a Lead Android Developer in the new place. Its going to be a welcome change from all the iOS oddities that I’ve had to endure in my present job. I will also be managing a small in house team and a slightly larger offshore team. Good stuff!

The neck and shoulder pain persists. Visited a physiatrist recently but ran out of her clinic as fast as I could when she suggested acupuncture. Ugh.

Culinary experiments continue as well. Both mine and Sam’s. Mine have been slightly more successful than his. He tried making Sakkarai Pongal using this recipe. Used a big hulk of jaggery as he failed to noticed it recommends using half a cup, heaped. Result was a gooey mess of melted jaggery with a few grains of rice and dal floating in it. Promptly made it to the trash.

The weather is cold. Woke up today to find a 5 inch thick blanket of snow on the ground. Had to wade through the slushy ice-water to work today. *Shudder*

Well, that’s about it. How have you been?


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