Sam the snoop!

If you’re my fiancé Sam, get out of this page RIGHT NOW. I’m going to complain a lot about you now.

You’d think why the sudden burst of anger after all the reasonably lovey-dovey posts. That’s because Sam read my blog! I was doing a great(?) job hiding it from him, but Chrome’s bookmark syncing let me down 😦

Anywho, this isn’t the first instance of Sam’s snoopiness. He constantly reads all my email, all my whatsapp conversations, even pretends to be me and messages people! It’s almost like I have no privacy at all!

So Sam, if you’re reading this (which you shouldn’t technically be) BACK OFF. And don’t forget you’re not the only snoop 🙂 I know about your Google Reader subscriptions 😐


One thought on “Sam the snoop!

  1. Hi I’m Sam and I’m new here. When I started reading the post I was thinking why doesn’t she want me to read her posts. Hahaha
    Just to clarify I’m a girl, therefore cant be your fiance.

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