Wedding frustration

The past few days passed in a blur. My parents realized that my wedding is barely 2 months away and they haven’t done as many preparations as they would have liked to. They started prepping with a vengeance, and all the chaos inexplicably reached us here in New York. You’d think being 2 oceans apart would be enough, no?

Anyway, my in laws recently got out the first drafts of the wedding invitations. I thought this was the easy part. Boy, was I wrong! I am apparently “Son of” parent 1 and parent 2. And I don’t have a surname. The second part I understand, as in their culture they use the father’s name as their surname. And they know we don’t do that. So I am surname-less. Also, our educational qualifications and even professions (!!) are written along side our names. I have no idea why. I requested to get all that removed, and correct all of the above, along with minor grammar and spelling errors.

Then came the issue of dividing time between staying with my parents and with in laws. This was very tricky as we have 2 new homes, one in Pune and one in Chennai, and need to perform house warming for both. So time spent in Chennai after the wedding is going to be barely 4 days after which we fly back to Mumbai for the reception and Pune house warming. The in laws protested and told us to fly back to Chennai with them after house warming and then back to Mumbai for the flight to New York. Finally a compromise was made after a lot of deliberation. They will be staying in Mumbai a week after the reception with us.

I am sure there are going to be several such problems in the days leading up to the wedding. I just hope we are able to preserve our sanities till its over. On that note, here’s the front page of the wedding invite. Please let me know if you happen to read it and find any glaring mistakes (I already know of 2 :P)



10 thoughts on “Wedding frustration

  1. the typos dont matter
    congratulations… my child spilt water on the keyboard and hence the exclamation points arent working

  2. I have read it _through_ “thorough”ly 😛

    All that explanation will be especially useful for your firang friends who are particularly curious about the weird rituals 😛

    I can attest that this is a very typical Tamil wedding, having been to a TamBrahm wedding in Chennai recently 🙂

    • LOL you have a lot of patience 😛

      You think I’d show them this invitation? Obviously I am going to have an anglicized version done for them 😀

      Hey maybe you can come for my wedding! Considering you’re the only one who knows my real identity 😐

      • Already have 3 wedding invitations for february 😛 .. one of which is in chennai too .. and another one is on the same date as yours 😛

        and anyway, you now know how eager i am to attend weddings 😉

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