2.5 months to go

Good things about having the fiancé as a roommate (apart from the obvious ones :P)

1. Having someone to wake you up with a hot coffee at 2am on a weekend just to watch the snow fall

2. Always having company to watch the lamest and cheesiest hindi movies (albeit with some amount of whining and reluctance 😛 )

3. Having someone make you feel better with a hot and spicy plate of dosa, sambar and chutney … with a pill and water … when you have a migraine (also a good thing about having a fantastic cook as your fiancé :D)

4. Having someone to drive 3 miles on a snowy weeknight to go get butter for your pav bhaji just coz you’re not in the mood to don layers of winter clothing and get it yourself

5. having someone stay up with you just because you are afraid after that stupid scary movie you just watched

6. having someone to go to Baskin Robbins to eat ice-cream with you at 1am coz you miss India

7. Having someone stay up with you all night if you are close to a deadline for work stuff

8. Having someone to talk about algorithms and program performance

…And the not so good ones

1. Being forced to wake up in the middle of the night just coz they can’t sleep 😐

2. Get tricked into watching a Tamil movie with the promise its going to be great, and then realizing its got “superstar” Rajnikanth in it 

3. being forced to cook and eat rasam and rice even though you dislike it 

4. …… Well I am fresh out of ideas now. Obviously the pros outweigh the cons 🙂 On that happy note here’s a much-too-blurred pic of us together 🙂



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