My knight in shining armour

I just realized I have barely written anything about Sammy, the man I am going to marry soon. So here goes.

Sam is a regular South Indian guy, born in Chennai, lived there for 10 years of his life, then moved to Delhi, lived there for 10 more and then back to Chennai. He came to the US for his MS in a Florida University and then moved to NY state for his first job out of college. My MS was in a university in NYC and my first job was at the same company as his. Needless to say that was where we met.

He joined the company in June, a couple of months after I did, and we were dating in September. How it happened is a separate story. The short version is, we went to my sister’s city on the Labor Day long weekend in September, with a group of friends, and on our way back he proposed to me on the flight. It may sound romantic to some, but trust me, once you hear the complete story you’d feel like hiding under something or hitting someone hard with something heavy. OK that’s how I felt then. Let’s just say it was at a very inopportune moment, and the words he said were so – umm – illogical, that for the first few minutes I was really thinking that he doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore.

Anywho, Sam and I are opposites in many respects. Our tempers are diametrically opposite. He’s probably the nicest person on the planet and me, well, you can figure what that makes me. We are both software developers, and in a month’s time we will be working together again after a hiatus of almost two years (we worked in different companies after we both left our first company), but he works on the backend and I work on mobile development. He’s very easygoing and does everything in his capacity to keep everyone he loves happy, but fought hard and tactfully with his parents for over 2 years when they weren’t accepting our relationship.

If you see us together, we aren’t your typical lovey-dovey-can’t-keep-hands-off-each-other kind of a couple. We have lives of our own, friends of our own, several mutual friends as well. That said, we are very very inseparable and always have all the time in the world for each other. We have never had any fights related to me having male friends and him having female friends. We trust each other completely.

The years we have been together have been undoubtedly the best of my life and I am definitely looking forward to spending the next many with him.


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