Reality hits (bites) !

Well do I have some news! I am getting married! Its not exactly news to me, as I knew the wedding date about 6 months back, but I have never spoken about it on this blog. So there!

The “guy” is Sammy, known before this as my roommate. Well he is also my roommate so I haven’t technically lied. How we met, how it happened is another story. 

So the discussion and the preparation has been going on since a few months, but it really hit me that I will be getting married in 4 months after the following conversation between Sam and I –

(Sam is in India right now, for visa stamping and wedding shopping)

Me – Sam, I’m having the best time here! I just went out to party with my friends Appy, Sheetz and Tanz! 

Sam – (not even pretending to be mildly interested) Hmm.

Me – But I do miss you, I wish we could have gone to India together.

Sam – This is the last time in our lives that I am travelling to India alone!

Me – (Stunned silence)

Sam – (Stoic silence)

Cheers! To the end of singlehood…… :-/


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