Weekend notes

The weekend just whipped past in a blur of activity. Here is what I did

– Watched barfi!. It was quite OK. Good fun actually. The best part was the ginormous lunch buffet in “Rasoi” we had just before it.

– Finished watching MasterChef – US and am now up to date with Project Runway Season 10.

– Went to Sammy’s cousin’s place for lunch on Sunday. Good wholesome South Indian food. Couldn’t understand the most of their Tamil conversation but laughed politely when they thought they cracked a joke looking at me expectantly :-/

Sammy’s cousin asked us what the meaning of Barfi. Sammy answers nonchalantly, “Snow!”. Turns out he thought barfi is the same as “barf” which means snow :-/ I corrected him, but they seemed to like his description better 😐

– Came home from there, decided we had too much to eat. Rushed to the gym all excited about shedding all the weight. Turns out the cable in the gym isn’t working 😦 Made a half-hearted attempt at losing some calories (while striking up a conversation with a pleasant desi guy who seemed to be there just to watch TV – I didn’t see him use any of the gym’s slick equipment in the one hour I was there)

– Cooked dinner and lunch to be packed for today and crashed at 10pm.

I just remembered I haven’t described my recent trip to Florida! That is a whole new post, but lets just say it was AWESOME!! I haven’t felt so rejuvenated after any other trip than I did after Florida. Uploading a snapshot of my iPhone desktop. The pic is of me and Sammy swimming in the Miami waters. I am to the left.Image


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