Weekend notes

The weekend just whipped past in a blur of activity. Here is what I did

– Watched barfi!. It was quite OK. Good fun actually. The best part was the ginormous lunch buffet in “Rasoi” we had just before it.

– Finished watching MasterChef – US and am now up to date with Project Runway Season 10.

– Went to Sammy’s cousin’s place for lunch on Sunday. Good wholesome South Indian food. Couldn’t understand the most of their Tamil conversation but laughed politely when they thought they cracked a joke looking at me expectantly :-/

Sammy’s cousin asked us what the meaning of Barfi. Sammy answers nonchalantly, “Snow!”. Turns out he thought barfi is the same as “barf” which means snow :-/ I corrected him, but they seemed to like his description better 😐

– Came home from there, decided we had too much to eat. Rushed to the gym all excited about shedding all the weight. Turns out the cable in the gym isn’t working 😦 Made a half-hearted attempt at losing some calories (while striking up a conversation with a pleasant desi guy who seemed to be there just to watch TV – I didn’t see him use any of the gym’s slick equipment in the one hour I was there)

– Cooked dinner and lunch to be packed for today and crashed at 10pm.

I just remembered I haven’t described my recent trip to Florida! That is a whole new post, but lets just say it was AWESOME!! I haven’t felt so rejuvenated after any other trip than I did after Florida. Uploading a snapshot of my iPhone desktop. The pic is of me and Sammy swimming in the Miami waters. I am to the left.Image


Rock bottom

You know your interest in your job has reached rock bottom when you find yourself googling for “world’s most uncommon bird” in the middle of the day.

PS I didn’t find a satisfactory answer even, wikianswers suggested “dodo” but that’s extinct so my curiosity was not assuaged :-/

Is there anything known as “friendship”?

What is friendship? 

I guess the definition varies from person to person. It could also vary for a person from time to time. At least that’s what its been for me.

When I was in school, I was in a huge group of “friends”. At that time, friendship to me was a bunch of children (mostly girls) hanging out in school, having lunch together, talking in classes, hanging out in the evenings and playing games, biking together, etc. And that’s that. 

When I joined junior college, I was in a relatively smaller group (4 guys + 4 girls). Friendship then meant going to movies together, bunking classes, gossiping about crushes, etc. This time around, it also meant discussing about career, doing assignments together. A part of growing up, I guess.

In engineering too it meant about the same, except that everything was more intense. Friends served as vents for emotional phases of life. Relationships, sex, breakups formed the main topics we conversed on.

When I was in the so-called “friend circles”, I somehow always ended up being the main member of the group. I used to be almost everyone’s best friend. And I’m not exactly sure I considered them mine. If I had a fallout with any group member, all the others would side with me and that person would be cast out of the group along with any member who “dared” side with them. Fun, immature, carefree times.

When I started working, everything changed. Friends no longer held the same amount of importance they did earlier. I have a handful of people in my life some of whom I have known for a really long time, some for not that long, who are indispensable in my life. Some of them are related to me, most are unrelated. I somehow can’t bring myself to call them friends. They mean way more to me than any friend ever did. And obviously that is the sole reason why they are still such an integral part of my life. They are more like my soul mates. The others, well, were just friends, I guess.

To go or not to go?

After a series of grueling telephonic and online technical interviews, I have been called onsite for the final round of interviewing with this big shot silicon valley company. Its one of the best that exists. BUT the position is in bay area. I don’t want to move there. Not right now. I know that once I move there, I will move only to move to India. There will be no chance of moving back to beloved NYC. BUT its a great opportunity, and if I get it, I will be earning close to a 30k more than what I make right now! To go or not to go for the onsite round is the question :-/