A bad and good weekend

So I moved my stuff to Secaucus last weekend. The movers did the actual job, I just oversaw the whole thing. Turned out that I had way more stuff than the estimate I told the movers about, so they overcharged me. LIKE HELL. Anyway I just wanted to get it over with so didn’t say much. At the end of it the living room was looking like a war zone and I could not get from one end to the other.

I decided I need to make it look at least a bit presentable. BAD IDEA. Here’s why – A bit of background – I suffer from this condition called “disc herniation of the neck”. Its not as bad as it sounds, it just means a few of the vertebrae in my neck bulge out a bit, a few are misplaced, etc. What that would normally imply is a bit of a pain/discomfort in the neck, nothing unremediable by a bit of bengay. However, in my case, the bulging vertebrae have pinched a few of the nerves of my neck. What that implies is a LOT of pain/discomfort in my neck, hands and head!!! Needless to say, I was in terrible pain the rest of the day and ended up watching episodes of Master Chef – US while waiting for the pain to subside.

That was Saturday. On Sunday, I woke up late at 10am, took a lazy shower and decided I need to buy new lamps for the new apartment. Went to IKEA in the afternoon, bought a couple of cool floor lamps, a strainer to strain tea leaves, a veggie cutter and kitchen towels. I also got a money plant!!! Looked at a few sofas, decided they were too expensive and now wasn’t the time to splurge on furniture and gave them a pass.

Headed to the Indian grocery store in Edison shortly after, got a whole lot of veggies, idli and dosa batter, chapatis, masala’s and some more essential stuff. No excuse for not cooking from now on. Hmph!!

Notice the title says the bad AND THE GOOD weekend. Here’s the good, nay, awesome part. Went to Dimple Bombay Talk Chaat and Juice corner for the first time, as strongly recommended by my friend Vincent. And OMG do they have the best and spiciest and yummiest chaat there is!!!! Me and my roommate Sammy gobbled up a Pav Bhaji, Sev Puri, Samosa Chaat and Chhole Bhature in record time! We washed it down with a refreshing cool fresh watermelon juice (felt amazingly cool on a hot day like that!) and a chocolate milkshake. Wow I was so stuffed after that, I could barely stay awake on the drive back home!

Oh and on the drive back this is what we saw, a huge dark cloud on its way to New York City. Thankfully it did not start raining till after we reached home. Placed the new plant in the balcony and watched it dance merrily in the wind and the rain 🙂

Clouds heading to NYC


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